McIntosh Delivers on Magical Monday Night, Sweeps at Chili Bowl in KKM Debut

(Adam Mollenkopf Photo) TULSA, OKLA. (January 14, 2020) - Cannon McIntosh picked the grandest stage of them all to introduce himself to the rest of the racing world in magical fashion on Monday night. At 17 years old and hailing from down the road in Bixby, Okla., the teenage star climbed aboard a Keith Kunz-Curb... Continue Reading →

Tulsa Shootout Feature Starts

The "Internet Era" (2004-Present) is a term coined by Walkapedia to bridge the statistic divide of the Tulsa Shootout. Digging deep through the wonders of the inter webs, the 19th annual running of the event in 2004 is where full results first become available. Thus, outside of champions, all Walkapedia statistics including feature starts, top... Continue Reading →

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