Stacked Stock Non-Wing Field Features Pursley, Carber, Bright, Flud at Front

TULSA, OKLA. (January 4, 2020) - Following 37 heat races and 8 qualifiers, the humungous field 335 Stock Non-Wing entries has been cut down to the top 16 locked-in to the main event. It's no coincidence that the largest field in Tulsa Shootout history has also provided a LOADED front two rows for the feature.... Continue Reading →

Former Champs Marcham & McIntosh Pace Outlaw Non-Wing Feature at Shootout

TULSA, Okla. (January 4, 2020) - The front row of the 2020 Outlaw Non-Wing main event at the Tulsa Shootout features a pair of Golden Driller winners. Pitting two Oklahoma's against each other, the Tulsa crowd will see Trey Marcham of Oklahoma City and Cannon McIntosh of Bixby bring the 24-car field to the green... Continue Reading →

Tulsa Shootout Feature Starts

The "Internet Era" (2004-Present) is a term coined by Walkapedia to bridge the statistic divide of the Tulsa Shootout. Digging deep through the wonders of the inter webs, the 19th annual running of the event in 2004 is where full results first become available. Thus, outside of champions, all Walkapedia statistics including feature starts, top... Continue Reading →

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